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Lyric Poetry Bundles

In music therapy, we utilize every element of music! Lyric poems can aid in finding our voice and learning more about who we are. What is great about them is ANYONE can use them, for fun, for growth, or even for a date night or virtual friends night!

You do not have to participate in other services to utilize or purchase lyric bundles. 

The first bundle is $15, and each additional bundle, regardless of type, is $10 each. 

Bundles are mailed with 48 business hours of order. 

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With all bundles, you can add a lyric low-down session to work with our music therapist to learn more about the process, or how to use them to support your goals more directly. You will also receive a brief instruction sheet if you are new to lyric poetry or need a little guidance.  This session can be booked at any time through the Book Sessions page under individual services or by clicking below.

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