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Our Mission

Rhythmic Heart’s mission is to serve mind, body and soul through the use of individualized music therapy. Our board certified music therapists are dedicated to: 

- Providing a safe physical and emotional space

- Serving the entire person and their individual needs

- Growing the reach of music therapy in the Treasure Valley, specifically within mental health services

- Maintaining a high level of service for our clients

Rhythmic Heart Music Therapy, LLC is a music therapy practice that serves the greater Treasure Valley.  We specialize in work with individuals with eating disorders. At this time, we are only offering services through telehealth. When it is safe to do so, we plan on growing community based services, as well as expanding to serve a greater mental health clientele.

About Us: Welcome

About Our Owner


Kathrine Lee is a board certified music therapist and passionate about enhancing her field. Originally from Corvallis, OR, she earned her associate’s degree with a music emphasis, prior to attending Marylhurst University to complete her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy. In the fall of 2016, Kathrine packed up and moved to Boise, ID to complete her internship at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Since becoming board certified, Kathrine has worked professionally with children with developmental disabilities, and at Center for Change, an eating disorder treatment center. 

Through her time at Center for Change, Kathrine built a music therapy program dedicated to supporting the patients, and their goals. She has taken her experience there, and her passion for human beings, and created Rhythmic Heart Music Therapy, LLC. Music Therapy offers clients the opportunity to explore themselves, their emotions, and their world in new and unique ways, all while continuing progress toward their goals. Kathrine always likes to say “she is in the business of working with human beings”, meaning it is important to value, honor and serve the entire person.

In addition to her board certification, she has had specialized training in NICU Music Therapy and Neurologic Music Therapy. Kathrine also serves the American Music Therapy Association at the national level as the Clinical Practice Networking Representative for the Western Region, and at the regional level as Vice President-Elect of the Western Region. She enjoys serving her profession and colleagues and enjoys the connections she has the opportunity to make. 

Kathrine has had the opportunity to travel all over the world with various choirs including London, Vancouver BC, Ireland, Boston, Carnegie Hall, Estonia, and more. She misses her choir days and is grateful for the memories and lessons learned. Kathrine also enjoys dancing, painting, and spending time with her loved ones.

Thank you to Courtney M Lowry Photography & Designs for the beautiful photographs throughout this site.

About Us: About Me
About Us: About Me
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