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Music Therapy Services

Create. Express. Connect.

*At this time, Rhythmic Heart Music Therapy is not taking new clients,

however, lyric bundles are still available.*

Check out more information below on each service and product, then follow the button to book or order. 

Services and rates are subject to change.


Music Therapy Assessment

To better understand your goals, and what brings you to our services, we will conduct an on-boarding assessment. This will be done as a part of your first session. This assessment is completed to create your individualized goals.

To aid in this first session, please complete our intake packet once your session is booked. Paperwork can be found on our resources page.

Rate: $65 - added to your first session

Individual Services

Adapted Ukulele Lessons: Individual ukulele lessons that are tailored to your specific goals from beginner and beyond. Why Ukulele? Ukulele is an instrument that anyone can be successful in playing, it doesn’t take up much room, and it can be used in so many ways. *Due to telehealth services, individuals must have their own ukulele. Visit the Resources page for suggestions!

30 or 45 minute sessions

Rate: $50 - $70 + one time assessment 

Individual Sessions: These sessions will focus on your individual goals determined through your assessment. These sessions allow you to connect with the music therapist and the music in a deeper, individualized way to work towards your goals. 

30 to 60 minute sessions

Rate: $55 - $90 + one time assessment


Lyric Poetry Bundles

1st bundle: $15; each additional: $10
Bundles are mailed within 48 hours of order.

Blackout Bundles: Each blackout bundle comes with 5 pages for you to create blackout poems. Available in 5 themes: humanity, recovery, past/present/future, strengths, and custom.

Lyric Line Bundles: Lyric line bundles come with 50 individual lyric lines from miscellaneous works. Use some or all of these lines to rearrange into your own poem.  There are 4 unique sets of lyric lines.

Lyric Block Bundles: Each lyric block bundle comes with approximately 50 lyric blocks from miscellaneous songs. Each lyric block is at least 4 lines. Arrange lyric blocks and create blackout poems! 

With all bundles, you can add a lyric low-down session to work with our music therapist to learn more about the process, or how to use them to support your goals more directly. You will also receive a brief instruction sheet if you are new to lyric poetry or need a little guidance. 

Lyric Low Down Session

A lyric low-down session can be added when purchasing any of the lyric poetry bundles. This session can be helpful in a variety of ways. If you are new to lyric poetry, this session can help you learn more about the process of creation. These sessions can also be used to get the most out of your lyric poems by strategizing with our board certified music therapist on how to theme or frame your poems based on your goals. Finally, this session can be used if you want to have a custom blackout bundle - we will speak with you about what songs and themes you will want. This session is an optional opportunity, and can be added at any time. 
15 minute session
Rate: $20

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